Tax Checklist

Whether your taxes are prepared by B.O.S.S. Taxes or self prepared, there's certain information and documentation required to file the return. Here’s a list of items taxpayers commonly need to complete the job.

The list may also be downloaded here.

Personal Information

  • Driver's License or State Identification
  • Social Security Card for all tax filers and dependents (not just the number)
  • Date of Birth for all tax filers and dependents
  • Filing Status (ask your tax preparer if you are unsure)
  • Mailing Address


  • W2s
  • 1099s (Self-Employment or Contractor)
  • 1099-R (Retirement and Pensions)
  • 1099-G (Unemployment Compensation, Past State tax refunds)
  • Gross Cash earnings
  • Merchant Services Payouts (PayPal, Square, QuickBooks, etc)


  • Self Employed or applicable LLC Expenses
  • Charitable Cash Donations (Tithes and Offering to Church, etc)
  • Non-Cash Donations (Goodwill, Thrift Stores, etc.)
  • Daycare Expenses


  • College Education (Tuition, Books, Housing, etc)
  • Retirement Contributions


  • Additional payments to IRS or State Agencies
  • Quarterly payments on Self Employed business or LLC